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In the deepest darkness

surrounded by fear. 

where nothing makes sense 

and hate turns the tides of the sea.


Within that faded world,

where hope is nothing but a ghost

defiantly rises a hero 

illuminating a beacon of love.


-The Last Fire- 

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Flamingo Simulation Systems is committed to creating a brighter future through entertainment. Last Fire strives to promote values and develop key abilities in kids and young adults through video games.

Defeat 7 Bosses

Last Fire is a game about purification and growth. 


As Mateo overcomes the tests he’ll be actively purifying his environment. At the end, the hostil and dark world will be transformed into a place filled with nature and harmony.

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Video Games have an advantage over traditional education. It allows the player to learn at their own pace. This is ideal, since everyone has a different way of solving problems.


Video Games such as “The Last Fire” allow the player to develop a generalized approach to problem solving. The player instinctively will originate an internal logic that will allow him to overcome the challenges in the game. Doing so, by attempting as many times as his learning curve dictates.

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As we grow and find ourselves weighted by the troubles of our world, we become rigid, heavy and complex. Mateo in contrast is an incorruptible heroe. He embodies the innocence and purity that inspires those who can no longer see hope. Mateo is a beacon of light amongst the darkness.

Mateo is born into a lost world without hope. However, his innocence makes him unable to conceive sorrow. He doesn’t realize how valuable and unique he is to the world.

To the eyes of others, Mateo is a miracle

Mateo's Evolution

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