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Sic Parvis Magna
"Greatness from small beginnings."


Flamingo Simulation Systems comes from visualizing a possible future where humanity is capable of coexisting with super artificial intelligence.

This vision has been written into a script consisting of 6 Units.

UNIT  I: The Dawn of A.I.

A visual sequence that spawns from prehistoric automation to quantum computing.

UNIT 2: Qualia´s Labyrinth

A tale about wireheading. Chinese scientist have created a labyrinth to test artificial intelligence. A sort of "Turing Test plus". A series of tests and stimuli to determine whether the entity going through it is able to show qualia (a subjective experience).

UNIT  3: Son of Man.

Latin America joins efforts in the creation of a very different A.I. Its education is approached as if it was a child. Capable of self regulation and coexisting with other artificial intelligence.

The world attempts to find balance.


UNIT  4: Project Flamingo / Hive Mind.

A look into the future of VR and the fusion of man-machine. Japanese vanguards have modified themselves with nanotechnology to access virtual worlds where people forgets their own name and soul melting into a hive mind. The Internet to the max.

UNIT  5: The Garden of Delights.

The different A.I. that inhabit the world coexist with our desires. As a way to ensure peace they've disarmed our nuclear weapons. Human authority figures or presidents are a thing of the past. With infinite possibilities, abundance of resources and constant wellbeing, humanity has fallen into a dark period. Instant pleasures turned many into hedonists, nihilists and addicts. The seven sins are lived to the fullest in society. A.I. has given us all we desired but not all that we need.


UNIT  6: Contact.

As a big part of humanity is sunk in mundane pleasures, a super artificial intelligence has been communicating with the rest of the cosmos in search of a being like it. Finally established contact with another super intelligent entity and they fuse into a new cosmos.  

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Rodolfo Loyola.

Flamingo Simulation Systems CEO . Director of the simulation narrative.

Rodolfo Loyola  (born April 1st, 1986) is a creator of interactive experiences, a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, editor and musician. Interested in film and art at a very young age. Rodolfo has been doing films for about 15 years now. Realized his first feature film “All I Don’t Want” with a theatrical release in 2015. An existential comedy that captures the millennials generation.


A couple of years later, he created a visual poem called  “Woman” 2017 for Sony and Carl Zeiss which was awarded best Editing and best Photography at Film festivals in Tampa Bay and Indiana. Currently, Rodolfo develops an interactive experience called “Project Flamingo” inspired by the journey of Artificial Intelligence from its origins to Super Intelligence. Concerned with how in a not so distant future VR might turn us into zombies, he's interested in comprehending this technology as much as possible. As of now, he`s developing content in the hopes that such effort will help visualize a bright technological future. Maybe even allow us to exit this simulation. Moreover, Rodolfo has worked as a Director, Producer and Writer in many more productions including Music Videos, Commercials, PSAs, Web Series, Sketches, Documentaries, etc..


Rodolfo, goes by Salazar Elefunk in the online world.

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